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Smart Weighment System

Customer: DSCL - Rupapur

Customer Background:

DSCL- Rupapur belongs to DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd. DSCL acquired Rupapur Sugar factory in the year 2003. The capacity has been expanded from 3,500 TCD to 6,500 TCD.

DSCL-Rupapur, being forward looking and Tech savvy, had been early adopter of Smart Weighment System (SWS).

Earlier System:

Before installation of SWS, weighment used to be carried out in traditional way. Grower brought Sugarcane produce along with Supply Ticket. On presentation of supply ticket at Token counter, clerk entered details into system. Token was printed and issued to Grower. Grower carried Supply ticket and token to Gross Weighing Station and presented the same to the clerk sitting there, who entered details once again in the system. Gross slip was printed with Gross Number. After unloading Sugarcane, Grower handed over Gross slip for Tare weighment. Details were captured and a Tare Slip was printed and handed over to the grower. Grower then left factory.

Limitations of Earlier System:

  • Semi Manual Process Error Prone
  • Data Entry at every point Slow Process
  • Slip is printed at each point Extra Cost
  • Slips are liable to get damaged
  • Myriad Manpower is utilized 1 clerk and 1assistant per shift at each weighbridge
  • Susceptible to Mal-Practices

SWS: SWS automates Cane Weighment operation incorporating cutting edge RFID technology. It has been designed along Workflow, followed at Sugar factories.

It allows Farmer/Grower to carry out both Gross and Tare weighment process himself at the weighbridge, with the assistance of voice-guided system. Transactions are recorded into Radio Token, issued at entry gate. Camera has been installed to take photograph of weighbridge at the time of weighment.

It allows Grower to verify whether Gross and Tare weighment have been correctly recorded or not at Self Help Station. At the end of weighment operation a sugarcane receipt is printed and given to the Farmer/Grower on submission of Radio Token.

Status: SWS has been installed at 4 weighbridges for Gross and Tare weighment of Truck, Trolley and Carts, integrated with IT infrastructure including database and application software already in use. It takes only 3-4 days to install and commission SWS.

Benefits Derived:

  • Increase in productivity It has been observed that number of vehicles weighed increases by 25-30%.
  • Reduction in Operational Cost
    • Tangible
      • Salary of 11 clerks and 10 Linemen
      • Paper and printing expenses
    • Intangible
      • Streamlined operation
      • Electronic transactions Error free
      • Reduction in administrative cost
      • No scope for mal-practices (double weighment of same vehicle)
      • Protection of already incurred cost (Existing hardware & software utilized)
      • Higher Customer (Grower) Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction:

Mr. Joshi, Unit Head, DSCL-Rupapur, said

SWS is very good product for automation of sugarcane weighing system. We have installed this system at DSCL- Rupapur at the beginning of this crushing season 2005-2006. Our experience has been very good. Farmers, our customers, are satisfied. I recommend SWS strongly.